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The status quo of skid steer loader in China

   Chinese Skid steer loader start later, no matter in product variety, performance parameters and the use of reliability, after-sale service and so on,  there is a considerable gap compared with abroad. Domestic engine and hydraulic system of the cylinder, pump, valve, etc. has become the "bottleneck" restricting the skid steer loader quality. The Skid steer loader aren’t  with enough varieties, Systematic difference, The models are not full, some products did not form a series. There are quite a lot of blank for Skid steer loader in China, no matter on the varieties or models.Research and development of mini skid steer loader in china are lack of innovation, without their own unique technology. Don't value digestion, absorption and mastering key technology at the time of emphasis on technology import.Domestic skid steer loader development should focus on, therefore, high quality, multi-function,  varieties and specifications of the products, and strengthen basic components, parts production, especially improve the quality of hydraulic components, to achieve on the premise of product reliability, and then reduce product cost and improve the product after-sales service.

  Ningjin jinhong machinery Co.,Ltd, the OBM manufacture of mini wheel loader and mini skid steer loader with best price, quality and service. We provide of mini skid steer loader with 4 types of power source: diesel or gasoline injection, battery, and power source of Alternating current, which calling a cable to connecting the machine with the The AC power supply.

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