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Main use of mini skid steer loader

    Skid steer loader is also called multifunctional engineering vehicle, it adopts wheel running mechanism, all-wheel drive and 360 ° sliding steering. It can rapidly replaced or linked to various working device, to adapt to different working environment and job requirements during working. We develop the mini skid steer loader with four power sources: gasoline, diesel, battery and AC.

Main use of mini skid steer loader:
1. As half the min turning radius is less than the same grade articulated loader, especially suitable for city infrastructure, such as road or construction site, workshop, warehouse, wharf, the ship deck and cabin, nearly all the narrow site.

2. All wheel drive and no inter wheel differential is beneficial to the operation in a hilly ground

3 It’s convenient to be replaced or hanging different devices at the operation site, generally only a few minutes. Thus were shovel, stacker, lifting, mining, drilling, crushing, grab, push up, loosening the soil, ditching, road sweeping and pavement compaction operations

4 For large engineering machinery logistics supporting, site clearance and project closeout.

5 Used as a mobile station, provide power source for hand-held hydraulic hammer etc.

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