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Zhongshou heavy industry J3000 mini skid steer loader

    The "Zhongshou heavy industry " J3000 Mini Loader, the world's smallest Mini Skid Steer Loader allows you to work 100% Petrol/ Diesel or 100% Electric Drive. With the Electric Drive being 100% Fume free you can use your loader on sites where fumes are an issue with your 4KW Electric Drive or operate comfortably outside or onsite using the 15KW Petrol/Diesel. Work on any job site in any location, the Schibeci J3000 is small enough to fit into elevators.

    Designed specifically to suit the Mini Power Edger the "Zhongshou heavy industry " J3000 is ideal for Stock Removal, Tile Removal, Texturing, Grinding and Polishing.

    Traditional loader is driven by petrol, diesel or alternating current (ac) as power source. Users have to suffer noise and emissions when operating petrol or diesel loaders; AC as source of power needs a cable to connect the power supply and loader, it’s inconvenient and sets a higher request for the quality and lever of the driver. We develop the Mini skid steer loader with Battery with the advantages of simple operation, high efficiency, energy saving, low noise and zero exhaust emissions.


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