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Zhongshou heavy industry Compact wheel loader

   Zhongshou heavy industry wheeled loader is a widely used as earthmoving machinery and construction equipment of highway, railway,  utilities, ports, mines and so on. The compact wheeled loader Mainly used in food production、medicine、chemical industry、aquaculture、landscaping、manufacturing industry、small earthmoving works and handling installation is especially suitable for narrow working space and complex site. The Compact wheel loader mainly consists of five parts of engine, chassis, working device, hydraulic system and electrical system:

   The chassis is a general term which comprises a frame, a power transmission system, steering and brake system, walking system and cab etc.

  Working device is hinged on the front frame by the arm, boom lift and bucket flipping is achieved by the hydraulic cylinder piston rod movement.

 The hydraulic system comprises the main components of hydraulic system of loader.

 Electrical systems including the loader circuit system, electrical equipment and instrumentation.

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